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Monday, April 12, 2010

Google Wave

Hi guys.
Recently I just got an invite for Google Wave and i gotta say Google Wave is one of the best things that are invented in this decade. Seriously, if you watched the overview video for Google Wave and you think that it's just like normal instant messaging. Well it's not. Ok! Fine it is a little but it's much better than instant messaging. Google Wave is more instant then instant messaging. As the video says it's actually an attempt on answering "What would email be like if it was invented today?" Definitely GW is a head-on answer for this question. You definitely should check out the videos of Google Wave.

This is a 80 min preview. I know it seems long but it's worth watching. This vid actually has more details then the 10minutes vid.

10 min preview.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hi guys.
Well this month has been a busy month for me. I had a lot of projects, homework, rehearsal for some contests, i had to create a blog for my class, got books to read, and task to finish. That's a lot of things i gotta do this month. So anyways if you just stopped by and read this post. Why don't you comment on it and tell me what i should post about next. Well you know, anything. Do you need help on increasing your utorrent speed? I might post on that later on. You wanna know what is happening in my life? Well I will give you updates. Maybe information of every kind? Yes then you should open a book.

Anyways, do any of you watch nigahiga vids on Youtube. I love his vids. If you never heard of "NigaHiga" then you should try watching some of his videos. His best vids were "The How To Be...." videos. But it was removed from youtube because of copyrights. He included some music that wasn't his. Well so what if it's not his music. He's actually promoting the music. The company should be thankful, not cruel. People would be like "Hey! What's the name of the music in the beginning. I like the song i wanna download it of iTunes." See! isn't that great. You'll make more money in that way. And you don't even have to pay Nigahiga for doing it. I just hate copyrights. This is why war is happening everywhere. Up,Down,Left,Right,Under,Over,In and Out war everywhere. Why can't we live in peace. Like Michael Jackson and the gang says "We Are The World".

Well anyways that's it for this post. Watch nigahiga's videos on youtube ok?
Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/nigahiga

Oh. While you're at it visit my channel aswell.
Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/azrul270196  

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Treasure Isle : The New Facebook Game by Zynga

Treasure Isle
Treasure IsleTreasure Isle is the latest game from Zynga, the game developer behind classic Facebook games like FarmVilleYoVilleCafe World, and Mafia Wars.Released, on April 1st, Treasure Isle is far from an April Fools' prank: this relaxing, fun, and addicting game has the potential to be an instant hit.

Treasure Isle combines a bunch of different Facebook games into one awesome title. However, because of this mixture, this new game may be confusing to some. To help players who are planning on diving into Treasure Isle, we've gathered everything you need to know in order to succeed as a treasure hunter.

The game is loaded with great features, so be sure to check out the many secrets, tips, and tricks. Click the link below to read the guide.

In Treasure Isle you set out set out to become a famous adventurer on a search for treasure. Your quest will take you digging for valuable treasure with your friends across exotic islands full of surprises. You'll earn money, explore strange places, and decorate your very own island as you explore the Treasure Isle world.
Treasure Isle
Treasure Isle borrows ideas from a variety of popular Facebook games, but also introduces features of its own. It takes the treasure hunting mechanic from Treasure Madness, the decorating from Cafe World, the crop growing from FarmVille, and the energy meter from Mafia Wars. However, it's the fusion of all these things that makes Treasure Isle so unique.

Create a Character

The best thing to do first in Treasure Isle is personalize your treasure hunter. To do so, click on your adventurer, choose your gender, then underneath click the Edit button to customize your face and outfit. In the spirit of the island paradise, I decided to rock flip flops, an adventurer's shirt, and a manly mustache. The system is almost identical to FarmVille's character editor so it shouldn't be too complicated.

Treasure Hunting

At the heart of Treasure Isle is the quest for treasure. From your home island, click the boat to open up the travel map. This map shows you your progress on each island. To travel to an island select it.

Once at an island, you can click the dark patches of land to search them for treasure. This requires energy which is shown in a recharging meter at the top of your screen. Depending on nature of the land, you'll need different tools and different amounts of energy. For example, digging in sand or mud requires a shovel and expends 5 energy. Looking under plant or a palm tree requires 7 energy and a machete (which can be purchased for 500 Coins).

Treasure Isle

Clicking a plot of land gives you one experience towards your next level up. As you dig around the island, you'll find coins, fruit, treasure, Island Cash or often nothing at all.

At higher leveled islands you'll also need colored gems to open gates. These gems can be bought in the store, traded with friends, or grown on trees at your home island.

Energy is precious in Treasure Isle and you'll quickly be looking for any way to get more. Fortunately, there are a few ways to gain energy:
Treasure Isle Energy
The first way is simply by waiting. You receive one point every five minutes; so if you're patient, that is a slow, yet cheap way to regain energy.

Second, you can eat fruit discovered while hunting for treasure out on the islands. I was cutting some brush at Sunny Shores island and discovered a banana, I ate it and received 10 energy.

Third, you can grow and harvest your own fruits at your home island. There are different fruits available that offer various amounts of energy. More on growing crops below.

You can also send and receive fruit from friends. Free gifts are found in most Facebook games and Treasure Isle is no exception. You can send fruit, decorations, and animals to your buddies and ask them to return the favor.

Finally, you can completely recover your energy by buying an energy refill in the store for 10 Island Cash.


As you find treasure, it will categorize them into various sets. Once you have collected t set of five you can trade in the treasure for large amounts of Coins. Can't find one pesky treasure in particular? You can add it to your wish list so your friends can help you out. For example, if you happen to have two of the Forest God Tiki Statue treasure, you can send one to a buddy to help their collection. After all, the set is useless unless you have all 5 treasures.

Home Island

Treasure Isle
Hunting for treasure is just a portion of the Treasure Isle experience. You also have a home island that can be expanded, fully decorated, and planted on. To head back to your home island from another island, either click the Return Home button at the bottom left or jump in your boat and click the Home Island button at the top right of the map.

Treasure Isle starts you off with few possessions so its up to you to trade in your treasures for big money and personalize your island with decorations, buildings, and animals.

As mentioned above, your island allows you to grow crops and trees that will help you out on our adventures, searching for treasures. To plant some seeds, click the empty plot and select a fruit from the window. Come back when the crops are done to collect them. Don't take too long though, or your precious energy yielding fruit will wither.
Treasure Isle Store


The store is the go to place for customizing your island. There are tabs for trees, animals, vehicles, decorations, and for expanding the island. The inventory also includes tools for treasure hunting like valuable energy refills or dynamite that will blast away rocks out in the field. The store is full of goodies so be sure to do some browsing.
Treasure Isle store
Leveling Up
As you make progress, moving from island to island collecting treasure you'll gain experience. Gain enough and you'll level up, unlocking new decorations in the store, new free gifts, and more options. You can also gain experience by visiting your neighbors and helping them with their islands by scaring away seagulls, and other small tasks. Keep gaining experience and leveling up and before long your island will be decked out with the coolest items and animals.
Treasure Isle is shaping up to make quite a splash on Facebook. Here in the office, some are even arguing it could be the FarmVille killer! Don't just take our word for it though. You've learned the basics, now it's your turn to set off on your very own Treasure Isle adventure.

Click here to play Treasure Isle

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