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Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hi guys.
Well this month has been a busy month for me. I had a lot of projects, homework, rehearsal for some contests, i had to create a blog for my class, got books to read, and task to finish. That's a lot of things i gotta do this month. So anyways if you just stopped by and read this post. Why don't you comment on it and tell me what i should post about next. Well you know, anything. Do you need help on increasing your utorrent speed? I might post on that later on. You wanna know what is happening in my life? Well I will give you updates. Maybe information of every kind? Yes then you should open a book.

Anyways, do any of you watch nigahiga vids on Youtube. I love his vids. If you never heard of "NigaHiga" then you should try watching some of his videos. His best vids were "The How To Be...." videos. But it was removed from youtube because of copyrights. He included some music that wasn't his. Well so what if it's not his music. He's actually promoting the music. The company should be thankful, not cruel. People would be like "Hey! What's the name of the music in the beginning. I like the song i wanna download it of iTunes." See! isn't that great. You'll make more money in that way. And you don't even have to pay Nigahiga for doing it. I just hate copyrights. This is why war is happening everywhere. Up,Down,Left,Right,Under,Over,In and Out war everywhere. Why can't we live in peace. Like Michael Jackson and the gang says "We Are The World".

Well anyways that's it for this post. Watch nigahiga's videos on youtube ok?
Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/nigahiga

Oh. While you're at it visit my channel aswell.
Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/azrul270196  

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