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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hi. I'm new to Tumblr.

Hi there.  This is the first time i’m using tumblr. I’ve used blogspot (ofcourse) www.malaykid.blogspot.com and twitter @azrulikhwan96. From my first impression this is what i thought tumblr is. Basically if blogspot and twitter were to have a baby

it would be tumblr

well that is just what i thought. I’m gonna try it out for a few days. I only tried this because of Streeter from CollegeHumour he posted a link to his tumblr on twitter and i checked it out and it was pretty good. Well it’s Also because of a few girls with bieber fever and k-pop fans that are always updating their tumblr.
That’s it from this post. Thanks for reading.
Azrul Ikhwan.

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