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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Youtube Plans-Asians Rock!!!

I've been thinking and i think that i'm going to make videos like KassemG interviewing people around California about a certain topic. But i'm gonna interview people around my area. I think people will definitely have different ideas of a certain topic compared to the people in the U.S. Of course Asians are different from Americans. Example: Asians are bad at driving compared to other race. I'm not tryin to be racist, i'm Asian too OK so relax.
But we have to face the truth. We Asians suck at driving. But in return we are much better at Mathematics and some other things similar to that.

Ok i've kinda gone off topic as always. I wanna show you what also the outside world thinks about the same thing you (meaning mainly the Americans who thinks they are so great) thinks of a certain topic. Maybe we think differently about Justin Bieber, Music, Movies, Social Networking, or maybe even about any of you reading this. 

But i can't really do this without a good quality camera. And thats what i dont have right now. I guess my parents are to cheap to get me one right now. I'm  still a KID so i don't have any money or a job to get a camera for myself. So maybe if you guys wanna donate to me click the thing where it says donate. But i'm pretty sure none of you are gonna do it. Why? Because maybe you don't have a job and thats why you are here reading my crappy blog. I hope my friends camera is gonna be enough to do this.

I'm gonna do this video interview with my friend Amin. He's gonna be the camera man and maybe he's going to be in some of the other videos. I'll name the channel MalayKid so if you're waiting for us (i don't know why u would) you could search for us too see when we are going to be up. Or maybe you could just check back to this blog later and see if I post a topic about it. I'm not really sure when it's gonna be up or even when we are gonna start recording. All i know is i have an idea and i wanna do it. I wanna share stuff with you guys. That's kinda my slogan i think. Sharing With You.

Thanks for reading. Please come back again to my blog ok.

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