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Sunday, February 27, 2011



It's goin to be a stressful week this startin tommorow, because i will have to study for the first test this year. I need to get a good results because i wanna do this for myself my parents, and the new laptop that my parents promised me when i get 8A for my PMR exam. Hehe... Ok fine i'm wanna get 8A just because of the new laptop. If my parents didn't promise me anythin, i wouldnt even care about gettin good results. At least i got somethin to work for..

About K-Pop, i'm likin K-pop more and more now, because of my k-pop addicted friends. They share the most irresistible songs with me. Right now my fav k-pop band is BigBang. Beautiful Hangover is my favourite kpop song. I'm bored with my old songs on my MP3 player so it's pretty nice to get fresh songs. The new English songs that are bein made right now are just bullcrap. I mean c'mon Lady Gaga- Born This Way is just crap, Enrique Iglesias which is hittin the charts right now sucks, Rihanna aint makin any good songs, Britney Spears is borin, I dont like PitBull, Lil Wayne cant sing or rap or what ever the hell he is doin and Ke$ha i wont even say.
Avril Lavigne is hot. "What the Hell" is an ok song. So who wouldnt like kpop. Right now Koreans are makin better music. Asians are makin better music. I love Far East Movement aswell.

Anywayz, right now i'm havin a little money issue. I have lot of needs that i need to fulfill (mostly its just wants) So if u guys wanna help out just click on some of the ads at the side or maybe donate some money. Please!!!!!!Please!!!!

I recently found a new game reviewed by MMOHut which is called Iris Online. It looks like a pretty good game. I'm thinkin of maybe checkin it out after my test. It's a 3D fantasy MMORPG with a gypsy theme. Players can chose between three races and can explore the anime-inspired world of Arcana. Experience a unique environment centered on 22 tarot cards, including The Fool, The Chariot, and Wheel of Fortune. Sounds pretty cool. You could read the review or watch the video at http://mmohut.com/review/iris-online . If you guys actually play it, say hi to me if u guys see me in the game. Usually my character's name is Ikiray.

So that's it from me this time. Thanks for readin, Love you all.

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