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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

School Over For A While. My New Band.

Hey wazzup.

Right now its the school holidays. Woohoo!!! But it will be over in a few days. NO!!!
Ok so last week my school had the first monthly test which basically means the week sucked.
But now since it's the school holidays, i'm just gonna relax my self, and think about nothin except starting up my band and write a song for my new band.

Yes i've actually started a band with my friends. It's a pop band, inspired by alreadys existed k-pop band like B2ST and BigBang. But we're not singin kpop. We'll be doin Malay-Pop. We're not really sure of the name, but i got a pretty good idea for one. Not gonna tell you readers yet, so you will have to wait if you wanna know. Our first song is gonna be called Happy Birthday (no not the normal birthday song) it's gonna be cool *I hope* . I'll be hopin and prayin that this band will be successful. If u wanna help us, find a record label for us or donate some money to us because we really need your help. Please.

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