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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stars United by Nature- The SUN Is Rising

My band is called Stars United by Nature or for short S.U.N. This band consist of me goin by my stage name (Ikiray), Allen Degree, MUZ, Han_X, Ian, I-Z and Zack. Our band is in genre pop-hip-hop style.

Our first album is The SUN Is Rising. The tracks are:

intro: Grand Introduction
1# Goodbye
2# I can't believe this
3# Happy Birthday
4# Friendship

Right now half of our songs are finished. But we are working as fast and efficient as we could to produce good quality music. We can't wait for our album to finish. If you are some from a record label company, please contact us if you are interested or wanna hear some of our songs. Thanks for reading.

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