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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Playstation One Games Classic.

Hey fellow blog readers.

Right now it's the holidays in Malaysia, for two weeks, WOOHOOO!!! that means theres goin to be a lot of gameplaying, tv and movies watching, and music....and a little bit of studyin.

In these couple of days, i've been playin some classic games on the PS1, like Tekken 3, Gekido, Crash Bandicoot, Soul Blade, Strider

and also Mario, Pokemon, on the DS.

But i have tuition on Monday and Tuesday, so there will definitely be a little studyin. Need to work on all of my subjects because i really need to get an A.

Back to gaming...I'm goin to download some more PS1 games and try to play them all. Gud luck on gettin through with my dad. He hates me playin a lot of video games.

I'm also gonna download some movies and dramas, like The Green Hornet, Avatar for the second time, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, Beauty and the Beast, Battle Los Angeles, Chuck and more.
It's fun to watch movies with my family, eventhough we dont even say anything to each other while the movie is playing. Weird.

I'm also gonna try write some music and record with my band. Tryin to get an album goin right now, but no luck. Not sure when it's gonna be finished. I know is not somethin that is easy to do and a lot of determination is needed blah blah blah...

I'm just gonna fill this space with fillers, like blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Sorry i'm wastin your time. I was writing this right before when i was goin to bed. So i dont know how that works. and i'm just speakin crap. well oh well...gudnite everyone...if it is night in the place where u r readin this....if it isn't then good day...or afternoon,or evening. watever.

Peace out!!!

Ikiray wrote this.

This thing under this writing is lying. IT'S NOT POSTED BY AZRUL IKHWAN.

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