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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rescuers dropped Simoncelli from stretcher

Marco Simoncelli DROPPED While being Carried to the Ambulance after Crash fell
Marco Simoncelli while carrying him to the ambulance. The video has been made by a spectator minutes after the accident.

The medical staff wanted to bring Simoncelli as soon as possible to the ambulance when one of them tripped. This resulted in dropping the stretcher where Marco lied on. The father of the MotoGP rider saw the whole thing happen.

marco dropped It is possible that Simoncelli didn't die yet before the stretcher was dropped. According to the official statement Simoncelli was still alive for a while after the accident.

The Italian's funeral will be next Thursday, on the 27th of October.

Paolo(father) arrived at the scene of the crash. He says he had called to his son, but Marco was already dead. He says he also bears no ill will to the bearers, who fumbled the stretcher on their way to the ambulance."I was thereabouts, but Marco was dead already. I was 10 metres away, but Marco was already dead, it changed nothing."I helped them: when they got back up and passed the stretcher over to my side but he was gone already.


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